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"Photography is a love affair with life!" - Burk Uzzle

What is beauty?
It is in no way a once-and-for-all pre-determined and approved list of shades, shapes and lines. For each person it bears specific reflections of reality. That is what causes delight and awe in your personal soul!


Hello everybody! I am photographer Elena Suzuki.


I would like to introduce myself, my philosophy and my attitude to the world around me so that you could have a clear idea on what my vision of life's moments are.

Life is like a river: a motion that never stops. Just a second ago you were sincerely laughing at your puppy's tricks but that moment had already gone into the past! Is there any way to get that moment frozen and saved forever? What can we do so we don't miss all those feelings, emotions, moods?


My answer: Capture those images with professional photography's by Elenas’s Design!


In my beloved work I live and breathe for, there is one main principle: there are NO UNBEAUTIFUL BEINGS in the Universe. Human beings, animals, objects and every smallest grain of life are beautiful! Even the slightest detail on the picture composition's background can highlight the whole image. Merely, it should be noticed and properly taken. As legendary Lisette Model once said: "A photographer must picture things he has never seen before. Or picture things in the way he has never done before" I suggest that You became a part of virtually magic process of photo shooting.



Elena Suzuki

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